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           Bhaveshpharmaceutical.com domain is owned by Bhavesh Sheth, A Proprietary concern trading as Bhavesh Pharmaceutical with its registered office at 316, Zest Business Spaces, M. G. Road, Ghatkopar (East), Mumbai - 400 077, India. Bhaveshpharmaceutical.com is the official online store of Bhavesh Pharmaceutical. Full range of best quality, trusted Bhavesh Pharmaceutical products are now just a click away from your doorstep. We are dedicated for best service, quality products, real-time assistance. We present a product range of 4 ayurvedic medicine.

           A manuscript of an ancient Ayurvedic Book written by a Jain Muni came to our hand, nearly 30 years ago. We were astonished to find that the book was really an ocean of successful Ayurvedic Medicinal Formulas for almost all diseases. It was a compilation of SIDDHA YOGAS experimented by great Ayurvedic scholars like DHANVANTRY, NAGARJUNA etc. It also contains successful formulas of the writer of the book and of his GURU PARAMPARA. The Book is written in samvat 1736, Ishvisan 1680 by a JAIN MUNI(in the old Gujarati language in the form of CHOPAI.)

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            From the Book we had developed, Medicines for some of the diseases. For which in Allopathy there is No medicine ever made (expensive surgery is the only remedy). Medicine for Diseases like TUBERCULOSIS ( T.B), PILES, FISTULA, KIDNEY STONE, JAUNDICE. We have been giving this medicine from the last 20 years to all our Friends and close customer. These medicines cure the diseases like a miracle, with a success ratio of nearly 97%.

            Now We have a desire that these miraculous medicines are made available near the houses of millions of patient suffering from the above diseases in INDIA & ABROAD.

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